How can I help?

To keep the school running, we need approx. 525 euros a month. For this amount we offer 150 pupils five days a week food, school materials and a uniform. So for 42 euros a year, a child can go to school and he gets a nutritious meal every schoolday. We also have some building plans. These costs are not realized by Oliver with his bike rides. So any donation you can make is welcome. You can donate via this website (see below).

Since January 2008 our foundation classified as ANBI (General welfare institution). This allows you to deduct any donations from the tax. For more information, please visit the site of the tax authorities.

Oliver, Marleen en Karin


Stichting School in Zambia thanks all of her sponsors!


Your money will be spend wisely!


Max 1% of your donation is used for overhead, such as transaction costs et cetera
Over 99% of your donations directly go to the Local Cowboy School in Zambia
Thank you for your contribution!